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  • Tommy Thompson

2nd Interlude: "Glenda Finale"

Updated: Jun 29

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

-- Matthew: 7:1-2

Now before I forge onwards with this li’l missive o’ mine. And lest all of what I’ve previously written leads you to think that Glenda - the Virgin Mary comment notwithstanding - was some sort of female “Amazon Anti-Christ.” Let me just set the record straight here, k? 

In the “Wizard of Oz” ya gots the Wicked Witch of the West, and then ya gots Glinda – The Good Witch of the East, right?  Our Glenda was truly the latter of the two. “But, wait,” you say.  Alright.  I’ll wait. But while I’m a’waitin'. Lemme justa lay the following thoughts on y’all for y’alls consideration: 

Was our gal outrageous?  You betcha.  Was she a rebel?  Most of us were at the time.  Did she dress provocatively? Hey, if ya got it, use it.  In looking back on her life now, would she possibly wish that she woulda done n’ said some things differently? 

Well, come on, man!  I mean, let me see the hands of those of us who don’t have any stuff from our past that we wish we could go back and change, if given a second shot at it…hmm?  Any hands up?  I didn’t think so. Or, if your hand did just go up, like mine just didn’t. Then, with all due respect, I do believe that you justa be a’lyin’ yo’ ass off to both me, n’ to yo’self, my dear brothers n’ sisters. 

Hey!  Looky here now, y'all: Nobody gets it right, all the time, capisce?

So, in closing out this li’l section on Glenda,

I just wanna leave you with these final thoughts about her:

Was she also sweet and kind to her friends and strangers alike.  Check.  Did she go out of her way to help folks in need?  Yep.  Was she the kind o’ gal who walked into a room - even if it was a room full of a bunch of completely depressed and down-on-their-luck losers - and immediately and simply by her very nature just lit it up with smiles. And laughs. And empathy. And, most importantly, love

Oh, dear reader, unless you were there - like I was - then you unfortunately have no idea whatsoever. Because the correct answer to that question is a resounding: “YES.”  And did she, herself, find God and Christianity soon after the St. Barney’s thang?  Absolutely. And like with myself at the time, she found it in spades.  We both grew up in it together. 

And so, finally: From my standpoint? 

Do I believe that God’s still pissed at Glenda for the Virgin Mary comment? 

Well, maybe some damn pagan pig-god that some folks end up praying to stays pissed-off at people for all of eternity. Just cuz those very same people weren’t 100% perfect in this life. And ended up makin’ some mistakes. Even big mistakes. But not the God that I pray to and that Glenda prays to. Uhn-uh. Cuz see: He don’t hold grudges.  Nope. What He does is forgives fools like me n’ people like her n’ all the rest o’ the gang too. 

But, ya know what?  Honestly?  Jus’ ‘tween you, me, n’ the proverbial wall here?

 I really do hope that “The Big Fella” also done gots a very good sense of humor too.

Cuz otherwise, I - your humble narrator - am going to be in for one long-ass

stinkin' rude ride when it’s finally my time to climb on in fo’ dat ol’ “dirt nap."

Y’all best believe it.  Uh-huh…Uh-huh.

So, Nitey-Night, “Cookin’ Mama,” Sweet Dreams, n’ “JEG, JEG, JEG,” baby. 

...Ave Glenda, gratias ago tibi, quia “Gloria Equitare”…

(Hail Glenda, thank you for the “Glorious Ride”)

But, hey now, that don’t necessarily mean that Glenda ain’t a’gonna be maybe makin’ a “cameo” appearance somewhere else in dis here li’l tale….I mean, I’m not sayin’….

...I’m justa sayin’...

©2024 Cookin' Mama



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