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  • Tommy Thompson

9th Movement: "Ohio"

Updated: Jan 25

Pat, Tommy, Paul, Vince, John & Steve

"Final Round"

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.”

-- Psalm 95:1

Need Text

In re Ohio:

(3.2 beer, etc.)

“Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew,

and so for several days we were forced to live on nothing but food and water.”

-- W.C. Fields

In re no pot in Ohio until "The Shark" arrived...Pat n' I in the corn field...

“Life with dope and no money is better than life with money and no dope.”

-- Freewheelin’ Franklin of the Furry Freak Brothers

“I once spent a year in Philadelphia, I think it was on a Sunday.”

-- W.C. Fields

Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man;

but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.”

-- Matthew 15:11

In re our auto accident in Illinois:...perhaps an Interlude for this?

“Why don’t they make the whole planet out of that black box stuff?”

-- Steven Wright

“If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?”

-- Steven Wright

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