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9th Interlude: "Hello John"

Updated: Jan 25

In re: me having no friends hardly when I first came to AHS.

“Life without friends, means Death without company.”

-- Basque Proverb

I first met John Ruiz back in 1967 at a time when I was still not yet a very popular guy amongst my classmates at AHS. ...

I started reaching out and it was a good thing....cuz I didn't have my old friends around any more. I had to make new friends...and they help me by being my new support group and tribe...

John nice...John hip...John street-smart...John from Oakland...big difference from my way of looking at life n' such...great time to get my wings stretched, etc...being around him and Bruce AND BLUES MUSIC, started to loosen me up

Gig at Marines Hall with “The Spiders”

”If you don’t make six mistakes a night onstage…it’s not a gig.”

-- Gregg Allman in re something he heard from B.B. King

“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”

-- Steven Wright

“Life does not measure up to performing...Performing is perfect.”

-- Joan Rivers

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